Why Isn’t My Garage Door Closing?
The garage keeps your belongings safe from the outside elements. Due to daily wear and tear, the garage door develops functional problems. A faulty garage door is dangerous and can cause expensive repairs due to delayed solutions. Hiring an expert for garage door opener repair in Sacramento can help resolve the issue. Many possible reasons contribute to garage door problems. While some problems require minor adjustments, others need proper mechanical repair. Consulting with an expert technician ensures the best possible solution.

Here Are the Possible Reasons for Garage Door Malfunction

1. Faulty or Dirty Sensors

Faulty or misaligned sensors cause the garage door stays open or close partway. When a sensor fail to receive a signal due to an object, animal, or person in the garage door path, the garage door develops a problem. If the sensors are dirty or obstructed by dust or debris, the smooth functioning of the garage door hinders. While a dirty sensor requires a microfiber cloth for cleaning, a faulty garage door requires expert assistance. Contact professionals in garage door panel repair in Sacramento to inspect the wall panel.

2. Damaged Tracks and Rollers

Check for bent or blocked tracks and rollers because it prevents the garage door from closing. You can remove the blockage from the pathway if it’s blocked. Lubricating the rollers with white lithium or a silicone-based product can remove the blockage. However, if you find bent tracks and rollers, replacement is the best solution. Consulting with experts in garage door repair in Sacramento can help.

3. Dead Remote Batteries

Sometimes, detecting a garage door problem can be as simple as identifying a dead remote battery. If pressing the button on your garage door remote won’t work, the battery might be dead. Garage door remote batteries can last for two years before requiring a replacement. Insert the new batteries and check if it works.

4. Damaged Springs

Did your garage suddenly stop working? If yes, you may have broken springs which is dangerous. Broken springs also cause a loud noise, indicating the evident reason. Springs ensure the smooth working of a garage door by doing the heavy lifting. When the springs malfunction, the door can snap abruptly during opening or closing. Using the garage door with broken springs is dangerous. Consulting with an expert technician to fix the problem.

5. Damaged Cables

Cables are integral for your garage door, and unsupported cables can cause accidents. Damaged or worn-out cables are dangerous because they can fall to the ground suddenly, causing potential injuries.


A smooth-working garage door protects your belongings and prevents potential injuries to your family. However, poor garage door maintenance can cause serious problems. Scheduling an inspection with an expert can help identify potential issues and ensures security in your house.